Maintenance Check

It’s not called a tune-up any more, and it’s different than it used to be, but regular maintenance checks are still essential for your automobile. At Mike's Service Auto Body in narragansett, Rhode Island, our certified technicians will help you take care of routine maintenance for your automobile.

Today’s cars are so much more refined and so much more complicated than their older versions that old-fashioned tune-ups are a thing of the past.

1Advances in computer controlled systems, electronic systems, the use of unleaded fuel, and other things have made less necessary what we used to call tune ups. The new spark plugs last longer, the ignition timing is not adjustable, the fuel filter may not be replaceable, etc. So we don’t recommend simple tune ups as we used to do. However, with these new and more complicated automobiles, there’s plenty that needs regular maintenance checks.The spark plugs may last longer, but sooner or later they still need replacing. Air and oil filters, valves, rotors, and other things still need checking. And most of the systems are so complicated now that they require trained and certified mechanics to adjust or maintain them properly.

At North Smithfield Automotive Center, our trained and certified technicians know how to check the sophisticated engine controls and sensors in today’s complex auto systems.

1It is not only the obvious things we are all used to looking for--damaged or disconnected lines, broken, loose, or dirty connections, cracks in hoses, or burned wires--that we at Ewell Auto Service look out for, but also all the electronic and computer controlled systems. At Ewell we have the specialized equipment to do the job right. We make sure the ignition system, fuel system, emission system and the computer system are all working together.

Come on in to Mike's Service Auto Body in Rhode Island, and let us help you with regular maintenance of your automobile.







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