Computer Diagnostics

In today’s computerized world, your automobile too uses its own computer system to maintain optimum performance, so Mike's Auto Service Auto Body in Narragansett, Rhode Island provides expert computer diagnostics to keep this highly technical system functioning properly.

Why does an automobile need computers, anyway?

1With older cars, a mechanic’s job was pretty straightforward: the wires from every switch ran to the device they powered. Now, with more and more devices at the driver's command each year, computerized processes have became necessary as there is no room for that much tangled up wiring. Computers have also allowed car manufacturers to add completely new features to automobile design.

Over the last decade, safety systems such as ABS , air bags, traction-control, and stability-control systems have become common on cars. Each of these systems is computer controlled.

Separate computer modules organize information and monitor performance

Each of these systems requires a certain amount of computer processing power, and so is usually packaged in its own electronics module. The more systems in a car, the more independent modules, each with multiple microprocessors. There is, for example an independent driver’s-side door module that deals with power windows, power mirrors, power locks, power seat controls. Other modules all over the car perform their own operations.

Sensors throughout the automobile monitor information about performance

Your car's computer system uses sensors all over your vehicle to monitor the vehicle's performance. Through these sensors, the computer keeps up with emissions, air conditioning, air bags, cruise control, traction control, automatic transmission and instrument panel, as well as other components. If the sensors lose contact with the computer through some default, the computer cannot adequately function to maintain your car’s performance or your safety.

The computer for the instrument panel receives data from all these modules and sensors, and it responds appropriately

The automobile’s instrument computer cluster gathers and displays data from all computerized parts of the vehicle. Most of this data is already used by other modules in the car. All of these modules simply send their data on to the main computer panel computer module several times a second. This instrument panel module knows to look for certain information and whenever it sees it, it updates the appropriate gauge or indicator on the automobile instrument panel with the new value. In other words, it alerts the driver about what is happening all over the car—that is, if it all working properly, which is where we come in.

All of this highly technical electronic equipment means you need an expert automobile computer diagnostician

1Maintaining your car today involves bringing it to a trained mechanic with a computer diagnostic machine that can check the input and output signals of each sensor, check for misfires and detonation, do compression tests, check the computer pins, perform power balance, and, in fact, check up through the computer system on the overall performance of your vehicle. Computer diagnostics can make it easier for technicians to diagnose problems with the car, especially intermittent problems, which are hard to describe to your mechanic and hard for him to locate without computer diagnostics. So trust us at Mike's Auto Service Auto Body in Rhode Island to give you expert computer diagnostics.



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