Air Conditioning

Even in Rhode Island heat, most of us are accustomed to enjoying the same comfort level in our automobiles as we do in our homes—until, that is, something goes wrong with our automobile air conditioning system. Mike's Service Auto Body's certified technicians will see that your car keeps it's cool.

1Whether there is no air coming through the vents, the air is not cool, there is noise or vibrating, or there is an odor, we know immediately that the system must be checked. Once every driver knew how to add Freon to the system and muddle along, but with new environmental regulations and with the newer computerized automatic temperature controls and other improvements, today's auto air conditioning systems are extremely complex, and only certified individuals with proper training can adequately check out your automobile air conditioning system.

Certification of Trained Auto Air Conditioning Mechanics is Required by Law

Today, tough environmental regulations govern the very simplest of auto air conditioning system repair jobs, such as recharging the system. Because extensive scientific studies have proven the damaging effects of certain refrigerants to the ozone layer, the handling of these gases is carefully regulated, alternative refrigerants are available, and some refrigerants are legally banned in this country. So your auto mechanic is required by law to be certified to purchase refrigerant and repair your auto air conditioner, his shop must incur the cost of purchasing expensive dedicated equipment that insures the capture of any ozone depleting chemicals. Even if you decided to do it yourself, charging the system yourself or attempting a repair in these newer automobiles can put you at physical risk and could result in costly damage to your automobile by overcharging. Let our experts take care of your system properly.

Leaks are Costly; It’s Worth Checking it Out

The price of refrigerant has skyrocketed, so a leak in your system can be costly. We can find that leak and take care of it. Not all repairs require a full charge of refrigerant gas. Let us check it out and give you the best, most reasonable service.

Retrofitting may be an Option

You may be given an option of "retrofitting", as opposed to merely repairing and recharging with Freon. Retrofitting involves making the necessary changes to your existing auto air conditioning system, which will allow it to use the new industry accepted, "environmentally friendly" refrigerant, R-134a. We can help you make this decision by giving you all the information.

Checking out the Whole System. For the auto air conditioner to work, a full cycle of refrigerant compressing, cooling, and expanding must occur.

1The most common components which make up these automotive air conditioning systems and may require inspection and repair are the following: compressor, condenser, evaporator, pressure regulating devices, orifice tube, thermal expansion valve, receiver dryer, accumulator, blower motors, switches, electronic controls, A/C hoses, belts, o-rings, gaskets and seals, compressor mountings, fan clutch, idler pulley, system refrigerant oil, evaporator drains, fittings and clamps, compressor drive clutch plate, electrical wiring, expansion valve, mode select controls, sight glass for refrigerant level, outlet duct.

Whatever the problem, Mike's Service Auto Body in Narragansett, Rhode Island will inspect everything from loose belts to leaks and check out all problems with the operation of the auto air conditioning system, and if needed repair, recharge or retrofit your system in the proper manner.

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